Day 5: Vulnerabilty

You know, I realized that our humanity has a big desire for vulnerability. I think that’s what we are so obsessed with falling in love. Our culture as Christians and Americans put a big emphasis on relationships.

Recently everyone I know is either married or on their way there. I think it’s awesome and beautiful. I know I desire it myself very badly. I keep wondering why can’t I desire to spend time with God like that?

I put my Bible down and started really thinking about it. How God must feel when we desire everything else in this life but him. It’s hard to say but out humanity wants contact. We want to feel the presence of a response and touch.

I sat there and really listened to the silence of the night. It was slight but I listened and something subtly.

I want to be vulnerable and broken to someone that has me as a priority in there life. There’s no one like that in my life at all and it hurts. That is what God is supposed to be in my life, but it hurts to have to work so hard to feel it.

The number one reason relationships don’t work out is because one or possibly both people don’t want to put the work into making it work and being available for the other.

God is available for me. It’s up to me to be more available. I feel if I practice then maybe it will not be so hard to feel that presence there.

If we pursued falling in love with God the way we did falling in love with people who knows what we would be capable of?